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Melissa Bowersock began writing stories at the age of 5, completed her first novel at 12 and has never stopped. Her work spans several genres and she never tells the same story twice. She has been both traditionally published and self-published and blogs about her process and the tricks of the publishing trade. She is a regular contributor to the superblog Indies Unlimited and enjoys giving back by providing insight to new or unpublished writers.

    She is devoted to Airedales.  Airedales are the king (or in this case, queen) of terriers, with strong, independent personalities, more like a cat than a dog. They are strong, smart (sometimes too much so), loyal, and hard-headed. Terriers are high-energy dogs and stay puppies their entire lives.



    Melissa grew up in Southern California but now lives in a small community in north-central Arizona and loves her adopted state; her favorite places on the planet are the Grand Canyon and Lake Powell. No other place in the US has the scenery that Arizona does.

    She is a space junkie and loves all things space. She and her husband attended adult space camp in Huntsville, Alabama and she intends to be an astronaut in her next life. She recently retired from her "day job" working at the National Observatory where she was part of a team designing a large telescope for the Andes Mountains of Chile.  

    She is a clinical hypnotherapist and specializes in past-life regressions and alchemical hypnotherapy, although time constraints prevent her from taking new clients currently. Her novel Queen's Gold was based on a past-life regression and although the story is fiction, the process is very real. For more about hypnotherapy, see here.

    She loves to travel and has visited Australia, New Zealand, Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Peru. Visiting Machu Picchu was the number 1 item on her bucket list.